What’s your benefits?

What makes VPN SDK/API so beneficial?

It enhances your existing product, strengthening your business’ goodwill with customers and giving your service an additional competitive edge. Or, you can use VPN service API when developing a brand new app. In this case, KeepSolid’s cybersecurity knowledge and expertise combined with your company’s skill set and vision will result in the solution that your clients will love.

It spares you learning how to create VPN software and other technicalities. This frees your time for other important tasks, and for the parts of product creation that your team is good at. The divide and conquer principle is as true for development management as it is for ruling empires!

It saves your money and other resources that you would otherwise have spent on software and infrastructure development. Or, say, if you wanted to build a custom VPN for Android, iOS, or any other platform, you’d need to hire relevant well-paid IT specialists for each of those. Not with our Android VPN client API or iOS VPN APi (or what need you).

What you will get

What do you get with our VPN SDK/API?

  • A full-fledged free VPN SDK kit with endless options for flexible integration. Wondering how to build a VPN app of your own, implement virtual private network features in an existing app, or create a new secure multi-platform solution? Seek no further than the VPN service by KeepSolid!
  • Established world-wide server infrastructure, all set to provide high-quality services around the globe. We offer over 500 fast VPN servers in 70+ locations to your choice, ensuring ultimate coverage and reducing lag time. Grow your international presence in the most comfortable and reliable way possible.
  • All sorts of technical documents, manuals, support, and consultations. Our top experts will be involved to help you choose the type and scope of integration that will be the most efficient and beneficial for your case. Also, our professional Customer Service department can provide technical support for your clients, if you wish so.
  • Flexible monetization options.  Usually, our clients opt for a payment model that includes receiving our VPN SDK for a small fee + paying a revenue share/fixed price/monthly commission. However, we are well aware that some businesses might need an exclusive monetization approach, so don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss these or alternative options.

How it works?

Steps to getting our VPN service API

Contact us and describe your business needs and other requirements
Our specialists come up with solution options and their recommendations
We provide you with VPN SDK, manuals, and integration help
You implement our SDK to your product and launch it.
New clients, increased profits, and competitive edge are all yours!

Sounds great, but why us?

Why choose the VPN SDK by KeepSolid?

VPN Unlimited is one of the cybersecurity industry leaders. In 9 years, we’ve amassed over 35 million satisfied users and have been recognized by online media. Our proficiency in online privacy and data protection make our VPN service API a top-notch choice for your product, be it a neat local service or a global multi-platform solution.

Our professional and experienced team will go the distance to deliver supreme service for your business and clients. The quality and capabilities of our solutions will leave your customers delighted. Merging our companies’ strong point, together we will develop the product that you will be proud of!

One of our corporate policy’s central points is building trusted and lasting relationships with our clients. That’s why you can rest assured we will do our utmost to help your business grow. After all, our monetization models purport that KeepSolid only profits if your product prospers.