Whats your benefits?

What do businesses get by ordering VPN service for router from KeepSolid?

Additional features and competitive advantages. Embed our superior VPN solution in your router hardware to enhance its efficiency, add extra functionality, and greatly improve its customer appeal. This will allow your business reach new audience and penetrate new markets that you’d possibly never even thought of before.

Save time. If you wanted to augment your routers with a VPN service on your own, you’d first have to create one. Developing proper software, building an adequate server infrastructure, employing appropriate security solutions and keeping up with security trends… Not only does the initial development of a VPN take about a year, but you also have to allow some time for maintenance. Spare yourself all this hassle with KeepSolid’s Router API!

Save money. Obviously, developing your own VPN, along with the time you’d also have to input other resources - financial, mainly. Preserving a VPN server network functional and in serviceable condition is no cheap task, especially for a company with no previous experience. Leave this and other technicalities to professionals!

What you will get

How to get best VPN for router?

Step 1.

Get our VPN API documentation. It will guide you through all stages of the set up, allowing you to integrate your hardware with our framework as quickly and effortlessly as possible. The whole setup process takes no more than a week. Also at this stage you can specify any extra requirements your business might need, or modify the amount of available features.

Step 2.

Access our infrastructure. This includes defining and arranging the list of servers (from 80+ locations around the world), encryption and VPN protocols, installing our VPN for wireless router, and other features. After this, all the VPN settings will be available for your users in their WiFi router’s menu.

Sounds great? But why choose us?

Why should businesses choose KeepSolid’s VPN for routers?

We possess a 7-year history of developing security, productivity, and privacy solutions for both B2B and B2C. In the span of this time, we’ve amassed over 20 million satisfied users of our products. Numerous online publishers have recognized the high quality of our products. Turning to KeepSolid means tapping into a bottomless well of experience.

In years, our company has attracted and nurtured a solid team of professionals. Every specialist engaged in serving you or your customers is an expert in their field. We will provide you with the service you’ll enjoy, and your buyers with the one you’ll be proud about.

Our clients are our most valuable asset. We perceive helping your business to grow as the only way to ensure our own success. That’s why you can expect KeepSolid to care for your organization’s prosperity as for that of our own, and to provide your customers top-tier security.

Why use a VPN router or software?

VPN SDK for routers is the kind of service that some users benefit from without even noticing this, while others adore and consider crucial. No matter if you are a travel WiFi routers developer, a lodging owner wishing to provide your patrons with online access, a business in need of establishing a secure corporate network, or a TSP upgrading its WiFi equipment. Your customers may not recognize the presence of VPN protection, but be sure that they will quickly spot if your network is not secure.

Present your clients with the power of a full-fledged VPN within a WiFi router. This is a powerful and highly-desired combination, set to satisfy the most picky internet users who will surely enjoy the ability to protect all their devices in the network.

Compatible with DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT, Mikrotik, AsusWRT, and pFSense firmware.