Assign KeepSolid to create your own VPN software if you want to:

Save time. It being the most valuable resource, you’d often do yourself a favor to delegate some of the tasks (the most complex, cumbersome, and tedious ones) to professionals. Leaving the technicalities and release hassle to us, you free yourself for other important and, arguably, more exciting tasks.

Save money. Ordering a product from us, not only do you get yourself a full-fledged VPN software for far cheaper than it would otherwise cost to develop from scratch. You also shelter yourself from unforeseen expenses - the bane of any neophyte IT developer. Confidence and insurance in a single package!

Access a new market fast. Online protection and privacy are major concerns in our society nowadays. This results in an increasing demand for security solutions, VPNs in particular. Penetrating this growing market in a timely manner is the key to eat into its share and grant yourself some tasty surplus profits.

What you will get

What you get as a VPN White Label partner:

  • A fully-developed VPN application ready for release. Our software comes complete with user-friendly interface, top-notch features, and an array of supported platforms. Choose one of our premade app templates with the optimal set of functions, or order a custom VPN solution that will suit your specific requirements.
  • An established infrastructure, ready to distribute your product, service, or brand to the farthest corners of the globe. Whatever your business plan is, and wherever your potential customers are, our world-wide server network and multilingual solutions will help you and your clients successfully meet.
  • Technical support for your future clients. Building up your own brand, it’s crucial to take customer satisfaction in consideration. We at KeepSolid are proud about our professional Customer Service department. And we are willing to share! After the release, all the users’ requests and questions will be addressed and resolved promptly, 24/7/365.
  • Extended marketing support on pre-launch and launch stages. Creative assets and other launch materials, app store optimization for your applications, product site, etc. Wish to get the upper hand over your counterparts in a highly competitive environment? Turning to us means getting complete access to our immense experience and unabated support.
  • Flexible pricing. Seeing how every business and every organization is unique, we understand and respect your longing to optimize expenses wherever possible. When we create VPN, we offer companies a number of payment options, including fixed fee per user or Revenue Share model. Additionally, we’re always eager to develop a personal pricing model based on your specific business requirement. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

How it works?

How to make a VPN White Label with KeepSolid?

Get in touch with us, describe your needs, and consult with our White Label experts
Choose the required platforms and the payment model that suits you
We provide a ready-to-go application, along with advice and release materials
Get free marketing support and user-growth consulting from us
Launch the application onto the market

How to create your own VPN, and other frequently asked questions

However convenient and disencumbering our service is, it still can be a bit puzzling. This is understandable, so below you will find White Label FAQ. Learn how to start a VPN service today!

How can I have a specialized VPN that suits my needs?

f our default, full-featured white label apps don’t satisfy your needs, we can develop a custom solution personally for you. It will be fully designed around your specific requests and ready for the release.

What types of monetization are available?

Normally, our clients can choose either the fixed fee per user or the revenue share model. If you need a different kind of pricing, do get in touch with us and together we will figure out the monetization model that satisfies you.

What kind of promotional materials and support can I expect from KeepSolid?

We are the only company out there that provides marketing support for clients that use our VPN white label services. Our experts will guide your company through all stages of release, app store optimization, subsequent promotions, or even create a promo site for your product if needed.

Can I release my VPN as a private party?

We have no problems with private individuals ordering our white label service. However, Apple demands that only legal entities can sell VPN services in their stores.

Who will be releasing the app?

Only you as white label app reseller can undertake the release process. However, our specialists will do everything it takes to assist and advise you at all stages of the release.

Who will be performing my customers’ support?

Our professional Customer Service department will eagerly answer all your clients’ questions and resolve their issues 24/7/365.